Frequently Asked Questions

what is this thing?

Basicly, it is a file uploading service for ShareX.

This service, which started on 09.02.2019 and frequently failed, was canceled shortly after it was opened. However, recently (02.06.2020) it became active and stable again.

With this service, you will be able to create a special subdomain for you and upload your images to our servers and share files quickly. No worries, nobody, including us, can't access these files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who has access to the config file that we have given you or who has access to the key we provide can upload files on your behalf. Keep your password, config file and key as a secret.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any images, files or any content uploaded to this site are not shared with anyone unless you share them, and Barış DEMIRCI or Kaan MUTLU has no connection with any documents, content etc. uploaded here.

Sounds good, how do we access this system?

Click here to create an account for yourself and get a custom subdomain.

Can I donate a domain?

All donations are welcomed! If you want to make a donation, you can join our Discord Server. Thanks in advance!

How can I change my password or username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change username or password :c But don't worry, you can quickly delete your account and open a new account! Creating an account is free c:

We upload our files to your servers, so how can I trust you?

To be clear, you don't have to trust us. This service is not a long file hosting service anyway. This system is used by users for things like instant screenshots, instant file transfers. You don't have to rely on us to easily share such files with each other. But if you wan't, we promise we won't use any of them.

Can service owners access our information?

We can only access your username and secret key to keep the system more stable and help you more easily. Your password is protected by a special encryption system. We use a module called upash. This means that we cannot access your password.

Also, we do not play any data without your permission. Of course, we try to delete accounts that have a silly username (such as asdf) without any permission. So, system will work more stable.

So how can I install this system on ShareX?

Just click "Download Config" button on your dashboard and open it with ShareX. ShareX will do the rest.

Do you have any other questions?

You can get support by joining my Discord Server