Update 2.1.1

We are very happy to announce this new update!

You will like this big update on the site and system!

Basicly, we are considering offering a more personalized user experience with different domain options!

Also the most important change, the theme has completely changed!

[2.1.1] 2 new domains added

With the previous update, multiple domain systems have arrived and we have added a few more domains to system!

New domains: "wears-tan.ga" and "loves-yo.ga"

[2.1.0] Theme has changed completely!

Theme now looks more pleasing to the eye.

Also a few more pages were added to the site.

[2.1.0] A different domain has been added!

While you could create an uploader in the system only under the "is-my.fun" domain, now a new domain has entered, say hello to "is-here.space"!

You can now create an account by choosing the one you like among 2 different domains on our site.

You can also donate a domain if you want to support us. (and have a special card for you on the sponsor page!)